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Friday, October 11, 2013

Tuesday Oct 9

Decided to stay another day. The alternative is to drive another 750 KM. It’s some 500 to a town that does not sound attractive, then a roadhouse at 750 KM, after which it will be another full day to Exmouth, the next wonderful beach. So we’ll stay here for another day of shell searching.

It never ceases to amaze me how quiet these campgrounds are. Most campground are pretty much like parking lots. No privacy, the neighbors are mere feet away. Yet there is no noise at night. No people talking. No music. Just the tjirping of crickets.
North American campgrounds are much nicer, with large sites and usually much green between units. Here you are just lined up and right next to each other. But the facilities at the campgrounds here are amazing. Each one has several, usually very clean, bathroom units. There’s always a laundry room with washing machines and large sinks. Many drying racks to hang your clothing. I’ve never seen to many campers doing laundry all the time, everywhere. All the lines are usually full of clothing but also towels, sheets, quilts and blankets. It seems to me that Aussies are the cleanest campers on earth.
 Each campground also usually has one or more camp kitchens. These have a large stove, a bbq, a sink, microwave, fridge for tenters to use. Especially in the heat it’s nice to cook here instead of in your own camper.

By now it is Wednesday and we’re driving, driving... Just went over 10,000 KM on this trip. Spent the last two days on the perfect, fabulous  Eighty Mile Beach. Kees hiked long distances while I picked gorgeous shells.
But as soon as we’re on the road again, it’s windswept flat land with stubbles. Long stretches of road, road trains and a million traffic signs that say “floodway”.

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