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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pink Lakes and Yellow Pinnacles


On the way to Geraldton we drove passed Pink Lake. The water is pink because of a microbe releasing beta carotine in the water.

Geraldton was the first regular city since leaving Darwin, several thousand kilometers ago. It was very nicely laid out, with large boulevards and a great waterfront. We’ve noticed in a lot of towns here that the waterfront is preserved as park, often with playgrounds and public beaches. It’s so much nicer than walking along private hotels and restaurants and not being able to get to the shore.
It was Kees’ birthday so we had dinner in a lovely place with view on the water. The library had good, free!, internet access so we got caught up on emails and work.

The Pinnacles
Now we are staying in Cervantes, right by the beach. Today we drove Nambung National Park to see the Pinnacles. We were curious to see these since they seem an Australian landmark. They are depicted on the cover of an Australian book we have at home. I always wonder what it would be like to be the first to come across a place like this. Normal scrubby desert and then, bang, bright yellow sand with thousands of stone pillars.
Scientists are not sure if they are stone (shell and sand) structures around which the soil has eroded. Or if they are fossilized wood. I would have thought it’d be easy to determine that, but apparently not. But, whatever it is, it looks cool to be surrounded by these pillars. We walked almost 4 KM among them. In the heat. So now I need a swim...


October 29, Dandaragan
We are visiting the sister of a Canadian friend, who is a teacher in a small rural town. Lovely, hospitable people. Nice to use a real bathroom again for a change! Today I did readings for little people in the public library, followed by presentations at the elementary school.
Our friends grow Australian wildflowers for the export market. Amazing to see them cut some 8,000 flowers, wrap them in boxes in a cooler and race them to the airport. These flowers might just show up in bouquets on the table in homes in Holland!


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