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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Photo Eassay of Miscellaneous Tidbits

We see so many interesting new things each day. Here's an eclectic mix of tidbits we'd like to share:
In the city of Geraldton we found this modern, Aboriginal art depicting "things from the sky."

Book art from the Geraldton library. I want to make these for Christmas... just use old paperbacks.

Imagine diving in the ocean and, among the sea anemones you spot... a whole load of silver coins. These came from the Batavia wreck!

My first reaction was "Someone dumped a load of apples on the side of the road... Then I said to Kees "Stop the car!" Upon closer inspection I discovered these wild melons growing everywhere!
Those Aussies have great bumper stickers!

Here is a great idea. The old jail, or goal as it is called here, of Geraldton has not been changed much since the days it was used. But it is now an art center. Each cell has a different art displaying and making their craft, from precious stone jewelry to woodworking.
The lighthouse of Geraldton is picture perfect.
One of my favorite poems is 'Abandoned Farmhouse'. Here it is... Makes you wonder about the hardship these farmers faced, trying to grow wheat on the edge of the Outback.

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  1. Love your collage of photos of interesting tid bits. Your photos are magnificent and your experiences even more. Finally had the time to sit down and map out your journey with your blogs. What a great circumnavigation you are undertaking and so VERY interesting. can't wait for the travel show when you get back. I like how you share the good and the bad and the rhythms, surprises and musings of your trip. Keep having fun and come back before Kees' beard hits his chest!! Love you both....