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Monday, January 21, 2013

Postcards from Everywhere

Here's an idea for you if, like us, you have children, grandchildren or special friends back home while you are off globetrotting.
Ever since our three year old grandson was born, I have mailed back a postcard to him. Wherever we are I look for child friendly images and write something about the place we are visiting.
Next I tried to find a post office and ask for interesting looking stamps.

I found a card album that holds probably about 100 post cards of 4x6 inches. Right now the collections hold 38 cards from far flung places, like Paris, Singapore, Dubai and Saskatchewan. There are pictures of lighthouses on the Oregon coast as well as of the Great Wall of China.
The album will make for great storytelling, one day, when we might not travel as much. It is also a special keepsake for both of our grandsons now.

So next time you visit a place, whether it is near or far, be sure to send a postcard home! 

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  1. Margriet, Those postcards would make a great children's book. "Postcards from Mongolia and Other Amazing Places of the World."