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Friday, January 25, 2013

Next stop? Mexico!

Where are we off to next?
Paamul, Mexico!
For some relaxation, diving, snorkeling, reading, eating, playing on the beach and seeing some Mayan ruins!

Right now we are sorting clothes that we won't need to bring back. We will leave clothing, shoes, books etc. for a small Mayan village where everything can be put to good use. During my last visit there, I even left my suitcase behind. A very pregnant mom claimed it to serve as crib for her baby. It works well both ways - leave behind what you don't need but what others can still use; and you won't have any luggage to check for the return trip.

We are also taking pencils, sharpeners, Spanish books, paper etc. We will visit a library project that friends have started. Over the past several years they have fundraised and worked hard to build a library for a Mayan school. Now they are working toward a preschool. Check out their volunteer work here:

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