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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Hot Spring Getaway

Looks idyllic, doesn't it? It's that - and more.
We are spending two nights at Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Not a bad way to spend a few days of January - soaking up the hot minerals and strolling through the small, mostly deserted resort town.
The hotel has newer wings and an old heart. In previous years we've stayed in the newer, more modern rooms which, sometimes, even have heated bathroom floors. This time we're in the old part, the floors creak but it does elude more charm - reminiscent of days when people flocked to the resort town to soak in the hot springs.
If you do come all the way here to stay, it is nice to stay in the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel itself which is the only hotel that offers 3 pools of (the original hot springs) hot mineral water. The lap pool is slightly warm, the children's pool is warmer and the adult soaking pool is really warm!
There are several other local hotels which are nice and have views of the lake, but without access to these pools. The local public pool is, of course, open to anyone even if you are just in town for the day.

The hotel has changed since the 'good old days': there's WIFI and gift shops. But even those have their charm.
We had a nice dinner in The Black Forest Restaurant in town.
My favorite gift store is closing, which is too bad but I am enjoying the 50% off prices while I'm here. We'll also stock up on the local specialty: hazelnuts straight from the orchard.

I highly recommend a few days at Harrison. It's an easy drive from the ferries and the Vancouver area. The hot water is divine, the hotel luxurious and the views... amazing when the sun broke out today to reveal snowcapped mountains surrounding the lake. Only problem is: the days are too short to do all the things I wanted to do while we're here!

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  1. Hi Margriet,

    We love Harrison, too! Our family always stays in the cabins behind the hotel. We can bring food and our dogs, and have a little more space. Great getaway spot!

  2. I noticed how friendly everyone here is. Every single people I pass, while out for a walk, starts a little conversation. Great place to come with kids. Especially when the sand castle building competition is on!