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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Half Way

Landed in Leon, that is half way between Pamplona and Santiago! 
Time for a few days of rest so my feet can get back to normal if they still know what normal means. Found a cheap little hostel next to the cathedral and the first thing I did this morning was to visit the cathedral. It has the largest expense of stained glass of any medieval cathedral in Europe, absolutely beautiful with the sun shining though them from the outside. 

Last night I attended a pilgrims' mass in another church. Did not understand a word of it, but the atmosphere and singing was nice to just sit back and let come over you.   

It has been rather boring the past week, and the next 1-2 days don't promise anything different but based on my memory and judging by my guide the rest of 'The Way' should get more interesting again as well as harder. The elevation maps in my guide are showing some rather high hills in my near future. 
Cathedral of Leon, Spain
My guide is good as far as info about albergues / hostels / refugios and for elevations, other than that it is useless to find your way. However the trail itself is so well marked that you can find it without too much of a problem the entire way. Lots of signs, small as well as large with the well known camino emblem are showing you the way. And if there is not a sign there are arrows on buildings, on corners, on the road itself, on curbs and anywhere you care to look. 
It seems impossible to get lost unless you are not paying attention. It is starting to get busier because several other caminos are joining the main trail. Plus that numerous people are starting their walk somewhere along the trail such as at Burgos or Leon. 
Well, I am taking a few days rest so the next blog might take a few days. 

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