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Monday, May 26, 2014

No Jet Lag? No Kidding!

Have you ever had jet lag? A week or more of not sleeping through the night, or falling asleep during the day after a long flight?
I was very skeptical when my son gave me a package of these No-Jet-Lag pills. But they are homeopathic... so I figured if it doesn't help, it won't hurt.

When I flew to Israel, I took them.
No jetlag at all. But then, I do all the right things when I travel: set my watch for the time at destination, as soon as we depart so I have several hours to tell myself it will be morning, or evening, or whatever. I mentally 'condense' the day or that night.
I close my eyes and relax, even sleep - if I arrive in the morning and should sleep during the flight.
Or I fight sleep, by watching a movie or reading - if I arrive late in the day and should go to sleep shortly after arriving.
I don't drink caffeine or alcohol during flying.

But still...
I took the tiny little pills when I returned from Amsterdam to Canada's west coast. No jet lag at all.
I was still skeptical. It could be coincidence.
But a friend, who had terrible jet lag last year, took them going home to England and she was fine, too.

Then I had to fly to China. I arrived on Sunday afternoon, having taken the no-jet-lag pills as prescribed: one on take-off, one on landing and one ever two hours in between. I slept through the night, got up on Monday morning and was fit enough to speak to 500 children.
Same story coming home: no jetlag.
So.. by now I do believe these homeopathic pills are making a difference. That, and all the right moves when you travel.
I hope they will help you, too, on your next trip. I know I will keep using them.

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  1. wonderful! Thanks for sharing, and thanks to your son for giving them to you!