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Monday, March 17, 2014

Best date I ever had!

Best dates I ever tasted!

No, not a date with my husband but fresh dates bought on the market in Nazareth. I have never seen or tasted such incredible dates. Oy Vey! Soft, sweet, huge.

We left the Cana Wedding Guest House, after breakfast of tomatoes, cucumbers, pita bread, hummus, yogurt and omelet.

Shoe store in Cana

Hiking out of Cana we grinned at the shoe store. Would have never known this was a shoe store... But yesterday my boots were killing me and the son of the guesthouse owner took us to this store. It was closed and no shoes in sight. A lady across the road came with a key and sold me a pair of running shoes. This is why I am now hiking the hills of the Galilee in fluorescent green shoes.... Oy vey again!

My new running shoes!

We are on day two of the four day Jesus Trail. Yesterday we hiked for 15 KM, same today. The weather was overcast but no rain. And it's perfect to do this hike without sun beating down on us. You can only do the hike in spring and fall, because the summer's heat is too much. On the outskirts of Cana we were appalled by all the garbage strewn left and right. People seem to dump everything they don't need anymore on the outskirts of town, in the hills. There are empty bottles and plastic bags but also broken office chairs, TV's, a whole playground set, and more. Kees said "there are not many places in Israel where you cannot see any garbage." And this is right, the beach being a big exception where every little bit of garbage was picked up. But if the government wants to promote tourism through hiking trails, people will have to learn how to clean up! The scents of Israel to me, right now, are heavy sweet blossoms mixed with rotting garbage. There must a millions of cats in the country, living around all of the open garbage cans we see.

Hiking in the hills of Galilee
The trail today led through rocky, green hills and along wheat fields. At one point it turned into a narrow cattle trail, leading over hills. Our view was mostly of the Golan Heights to the east.

We also walked through a lovely forest of olive, laurel and pine trees. We had a picnic lunch at the base of a sign, in Hebrew, that had two words in English: Frican Forest. There was no place to sit but we shared a chunk of wood at the base of the sign to eat our pita bread with cheese, freshly roasted pecans and amazing dates! As soon as we walked into the Frican Forest, we saw picnic tables! And not just one or two but many! The Hebrew sign had probably said that there were picnic tables coming up!
The hills are alive.. with wild flowers.

When we got close to our destination, the Kibbutz Lavi, we could see the buildings on the top of a hill but no road or path leading to it. We got lost trying to follow the trail and looking for the right path. We probably walked some 2 KMs wrong but eventually took a road straight up the hill, arriving huffing and puffing at the hotel (at least I did, Kees is in much better shape after hiking in Spain for 10 days). 
The hotel is beautiful and has a huge indoor pool. Which we used!
Dinner was kibbutz style in a huge dining room: fish, chicken, roast vegetables and much more. It is interesting to note that this is a traditional, orthodox kibbutz and all food is prepared according to strict rules under supervision of a rabbi. It was very tasty!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure: it promises to be unusual again.

Amazing hedges of cacti!

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  1. :) I, too, loved dates and other fresh produce when in the Holy Land. This hike is very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing your experiences in your glowing green shoes!